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Peverell Garage Blog

The Peverell Garage blog is full of how-tos, step-by-steps, hints and tips from our professional mechanics and technicians.

What is ADAS and why do we need it?

Whilst the introduction of three point seatbelts, airbags and shatterproof glass have helped to reduce deaths from road accidents there are still a huge number of accidents on the road each year, many of which are due to human error. The use of technology to help...

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How long do hybrid cars last?

What makes up hybrid car batteries? Hybrid cars combine a 12-volt lead-acid battery and a traction battery (aka high voltage battery) made up of multiple battery cells all working together as well as a petrol-based motor. Hybrids switch between these seamlessly and...

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What is car diagnostics?

A car diagnostic test is a scan of your car's components and systems to check for any issues. It is usually the first step used to identify issues with your car. The onboard computer of modern cars collects lots of data from your journeys and creates reports that can...

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How to service your own car

With the rising cost of living affecting everyone, a car service can seem like an unnecessary extra pay out to make. However, servicing your car can be essential to preventing damage and breakdowns further down the line as well as leaving you to feel confident that...

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