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DSG Transmission Service

Direct Shift Gearbox

DSG – Direct Shift Gearbox is used throughout the VW-Audi-Seat & Skoda range. The System comprises of a manual gearbox which houses two clutches, they are controlled by an electrical and hydraulic controller known as Mechatronics. A Direct Shift Gearbox has very fine engineering tolerances, relying on oil lubrication to maintain good working condition.

Servicing, Diagnosis & Repairs for DSG gearboxes

Peverell Garage has the knowledge and equipment to carry out servicing and repair work to manufacture standards on any Volkswagen-Audi- Seat & Skoda. Allowing us to service, diagnose and repair DSG Gearboxes.

This system can also been seen on the later Ford and Renault models too.

We can help with:

– Diagnostics
– Software Updates
– Dry Clutch replacement
– Wet Clutch Replacement
– Mechatronic Repair or Replacement
– Transmission DSG oil services (we recommend every 40,000 miles to maintain optimum performance and efficiency)

DSG Gearbox Oil

A DSG Oil change should be performed every 40,000 miles to keep the gearbox in good working condition. Having dirty oil in the system can result in overheating, causing parts to get hot and expand leading to poor gear selection, loss of power and transmission failure.

When carrying out an oil check on a DSG gearbox, we will check for any leaks first, then drain the gearbox fully. If required we will also replace the oil filter. Finally refilling with a high quality gearbox oil, in line with the manufactures standards. Without appropriate gearbox oil change and oil filter change, damage to the DSG gearbox may be caused and lead to costly gearbox repairs.

What A DSG Gearbox Does

With the vehicle in motion, the mechatronics in the Gearbox will determine what gear you are likely going to want next and it will prepare the next gear to be engaged. It takes vital information such as vehicle speed, engine speed, torque and driving mode – In turn providing the driver with a smoother and much faster gear change.


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